10 Hacks To Turn Your Morning Routine Into A Breeze, No Matter What

Studio Firma

Starting your morning off right is the most important thing you can do for your day.

Prepping as much as you can the night before and coming up with a routine that pumps up your mood is a great way to make sure you get off on the right foot.

But sometimes, things happen. You run late. Your things break mid-use. You run out of product at the worst time. "FML" moments happen to the best of us.

Here are few easy hacks that will help you keep the motor running in the morning. Things will go wrong, but that quick bounce-back is what will help you keep your mood on the right track.

Morning blues, where? Not with these remedies.

1. Use A Bobby Pin When Your Lotion Runs Low

You know that annoying moment that happens when you have to shake your lotion to death just to get a droplet? Well, eliminate this slow-up by clipping a bobby pin to your lotion tube and lowering it all the way down, according to Allure magazine.

It will give you your last lotion dollops, so you don't have to spend forever twisting and turning the container. You can also do this for toothpaste and other skincare products.

2. You Can Also Use A Bobby Pin For That Perfectly Even Cat-Eye

Use the indented end of the bobby pin to get the perfect cat eye tip instead of doing it over and over again until you get it right. This thing works and it works the first time.

3. When Your Lipstick Breaks, Pot The Thing

There are few things more frustrating than when you have your makeup routine all mapped out and then you go to put on your lipstick and the dang tip falls off.

Keep a few old compacts from now on, so you can take any broken lipsticks and mash them into the compact for portable, easy usage. This will save your precious lippy, but also helps you quickly bounce back from an unexpected beauty blooper when you have to be out of the house quickly.

You can also pot all of your lipsticks for better storage, if you have the time. This will only make more room in your makeup bag.

4. Can't Find Your Lint Roller? Use Hair Spray

If you lose your lint roller or peel that last sticky sheet from it, then bounce back quickly by spritzing a little hairspray on a cloth or paper towel, then wiping down your linty clothes. The spray is sticky enough to pull them off smoothly without damaging your outfit.

5. Use The Olive Oil In Your Kitchen If You're Out Of Lotion

Stepping out of the shower dripping wet and realizing you completely forgot to replace your lotion the last time you were out is no longer a nightmare. Just grab your olive oil from the kitchen ( vegetable oil) and lather your body.

Use a dab, not the huge globs you normally pump from your lotion bottle. The oil will trap the moisture into your skin so that you don't have to go throughout the day with that weird, dry ashiness that comes with not moisturizing your skin after it's wet.

Other replacements are tea tree oil, grapeseed oil, and coconut oil.

6. Use Baking Soda If You're Out Of Deodorant Or It Breaks Off

Like your lipstick, deodorant sticks can break off or crumble. If this happens, or you run out at the wrong time, then Allure suggests you use baking soda since it absorbs bad odors. Pat some under your arms the same way you would, say, baby powder. Then, keep it moving.

You've got somewhere to be, right? Luckily, they won't smell you before you get there.

7. Put A Pencil To Your Zipper If It Gets Stuck

When you're pulling up the zipper to your go-to work pants and it gets stuck, ripping them off and tossing them the bed in a fury of curses is a fine remedy.

Or you could take a lead pencil and merely rub it up and down the sides of the zipper since it takes, like, a minute.

8. Substitute A Hot Pot As An Iron If Yours Stops Working

Wrinkled clothes are the worst when you have to be somewhere that they aren't exactly acceptable like work or a first date with a potential bae.

If your iron doesn't work or you're out of town with no iron available, then grab a pot. Boil water in it and then pour the water out of it. Now the pot is a hot faux iron to  run over your clothes really quickly. Just don't burn yourself.

You can probably also do a similar thing with a tea kettle, which might be easer to handle with one hand, iron-style.

9. Wrap A Gorgeous Scarf When Your Hair Won't Behave

A colorful, artfully twisted scarf will add a lil' umph to your t-shirt and jeans outfit. Throw on some hoop earrings and hit the door.

This scarf remedy is everything because you can purchase them for dirt cheap, as in like $2 from a local beauty supply in your town.

And yes, these are also great to wear during the summer months. Just select a scarf with airy, thin fabric when it's hot. They can actually be pretty cooling for your head.

10. Clean Shoe Stains And Scuffs With Nail Polish Remover

You don't always have time to re-think your entire outfit just because the perfect shoe matches you pulled out are a little on the busted side. Make your shoes like new again by using nail polish remover on any dark spots.

They will come off like a charm, and no, the nail polish remover won't destroy your shoes. This method works for sneakers and heels alike.