11 Morning Rituals You Can Adopt To Become A Happier And More Successful Person

michela ravasio

People are made up of their habits.

If you eat junk food and watch a lot of TV, you may end up like a lazy couch potato. If you read a lot of books and work out, it's likely that you'll be energetic and intelligent.

Our morning habits and rituals are immensely important in setting up our day and developing our character.

If you listen to some of the world's most successful people in interviews or books, they always talk about their morning rituals. The way they start their day and the habits they build from the moment they get up have a dramatic impact upon their success.

So, if you want to be more successful at whatever it is that you do or want to do, here are some useful morning habits you can try on for size. Not every person will love every habit, but they all have clear benefits if you're interested in giving them a shot.

1. Writing In A Gratitude Journal

Being grateful for what you have instead of focusing on what you don't have will make you a happier person.

If you are able to find things you're grateful for every morning, you can start your day off positively and with a clear mind.

Buy a journal that you dedicate to the writing of things you are grateful for. Set a timer for five to 10 minutes and just write everything in your life that helps make it worthwhile until the alarm goes off.

2. Meditating

To be able to quiet your mind is extremely beneficial to your mental health. Meditation helps you to focus, which is one of the most important parts of being productive when it comes to your goals.

Put on some soothing music or a guided meditation tape each morning and try to turn off your mind or simply just lie in your bed for five or 10 minutes and try not to think about anything.

3. Drinking Coffee

There is a whole host of positives that accompany drinking coffee (in moderation), aside from the obvious boost you'll get from the caffeine.

According to studies, our brains crave coffee for a couple of beneficial reasons, such as its ability to alleviate depression, boost your mood, increase focus, and improve health. Plus, grinding up the beans, taking in the smells, and relaxing over a steamy mug is like a form of meditation too!

4. Writing In A Visualization Journal

In a separate journal, take five to 10 minutes to visualize the things you want. Write out your goals but in a way that is confident. For example, “I will make $4,000 a month from freelance work by the end of the summer.”

Doing this each day will help keep you focused on your goals and also use the power of your mind and law of attraction to help you get what you want.

5. Exercising

Exercise is just plain good for you. It gets your body working, the blood flowing, and gives you more energy. Wake up and do some sort of exercise, whether it's a jog around the block, some yoga, stretching, or hitting the gym for an hour.

This is more about feeling good than looking good.

6. Reading

Reading books and magazines will feed the mind and get your brain working every morning.

And, depending on what you're reading, you may find the words in your book to be inspirational, giving you even more motivation to start the day.

7. Listening To A Motivational Speaker

Whether it's a podcast, YouTube video, or a CD, find some motivational speakers that you enjoy listening to. This will inspire you to get your day started and also help you gain new insights each day.

8. Going Outside

Sunlight and a little fresh air can do wonders for the mind and body.

Start your day with a little time spent outside if the weather is nice. You can easily pair this with meditating, drinking coffee, reading, exercising, and writing in your journals.

9. Having Sex

If you have a partner who shares a bed with you, this one is particularly easy and will be beneficial for your relationship.

Sex is well known to be good for physical and mental health, and it even counts as a form of exercise. Get your endorphins flowing with a little action before you start your day.

10. Cuddling

You can do this before, after, or in place of having sex each morning. Physical touch and affection is good all around so get in a couple of cuddles from your partner (if you have one) before you part ways to get your day started.

11. Reviewing Your Highest Priority Tasks

Successful people are always touting the idea of getting the most important tasks on your to-do list done first.

Look over your tasks for the day and decide what you will focus on and conquer right away. It will help you stay on track even when distractions force their way into your life, as they inevitably do.