10, 15 Or 20 Lbs: It Won't Matter If You Lose Weight If You Don't Love Yourself

Since I was a little girl, I was always the tallest or bigger one out of my friends. That and other underlying issues didn't make for the most secure childhood, and that grew into being an overly insecure adolescent.

Of course, over the years, I learned to hide it, but how you feel when you’re alone is what counts anyway, right?

Eventually, after several self-harm contemplations and many days of feeling worthless, I decided to do something about the one thing that made me unhappy: my weight. I always dreamed of getting smaller and getting the guy I wanted or going to the store and buying the dress that fit me perfectly.

Isn't it crazy to think those simple little things were my dreams at one point? I got it together and lost the weight, and it wasn't until then that I realized it was never my weight that made me miserable; it was me. It took me 19 years and a 3-mile run to realize I was the reason I was never happy with my appearance.

I’m writing this because I want people, especially women, to understand that as much as we want to look like Kim Kardashian or Jennifer Lawrence, that’s not who we are created to look like.

Learning to love your body and self is the only sure way to be happy. I constantly talk with friends, or just people who absolutely hate their self-image to the point that it makes my soul ache.

Beautiful women talk to me daily, telling me how they wish they could be three inches talker or have bigger hips. These women are mothers, wives, girlfriends or just working women who are smart, yet are dumbfounded by their self-hatred in their appearance.

I cannot be a hypocrite and say some days I don't roll out of bed, look in the mirror and feel ugly or a little on the pudgy side. I can say I am learning to accept me day by day, and I want others to do the same.

Encourage Yourself Daily

Every day when you wake up, before brushing your teeth, look in the mirror and say something good to yourself: “Sierra, you are a great writer.” Something as simple as that can turn your whole day around.

No matter what you have to tackle, or how hard life is getting, portray positivity to yourself. Once you engrave in your mind you are good, you can do it and you are worth it, everything will begin fall into place.

Make Short-Term Goals

For a while, I would always make a list of things I needed to do for the month, and I wouldn't get half of them done.

Think of ways to improve your all-around health by listing small things to accomplish: “This week I won’t drink soda, and I will walk my dog three times a day.” This helps you create realistic goals, which are the ones that ultimately get accomplished.

Take Out the Mental Trash

There’s nothing worse than trying to self-improve with people around who don’t want to see you do so. For years, as much weight as I lost or good things I did for myself, I had people and things around me constantly looking to play on my insecurities or manipulate my mind into being weak again.

You cannot thrive in a mess, mentally or physically. When it comes to bodily health, if snacks in the cabinet trigger you to eat them, throw them out and replenish your cabinet with healthy things.

Realize and Find Your Purpose

You were put here for a reason and no one knows why but you. Don’t let anyone kill your dreams or goals. Find why you are here and be that person. Love yourself while in the process of searching.

You are uniquely designed; no one will ever be you. And that is the greatest reason to love yourself unconditionally.

Photo Courtesy: We Heart It