This Genius Mom Just Reinvented Pokémon Go For Wine Lovers Everywhere

New Jersey 101.5 on YouTube

Despite the hilarious conspiracy theories surrounding the mobile app, Pokémon Go is everyone's favorite game right now. But what if I told you there's a special mobile game that most adults would probably rather play?

In a recent video uploaded to YouTube by New Jersey 101.5, we're introduced to Dena Blizzard, a New Jersey mom and comedienne, informing the world that there's an even better version of Pokémon Go out there -- and it's called Chardonnay Go.

Rather than using your smartphone to find and capture Pokémon, Chardonnay Go actually serves as your mom's best friend. No, seriously, who wouldn't want a mobile app that highlights the nearest glass of wine for you to guzzle down?!

The video description reads,

With everyone talking about and playing the new "Pokemon Go" game, NJ 101.5's Dena Blizzard tells viewers about "Chardonnay Go," an "app" (not really) that lets adults get in on the fun. Watch her as she races through her neighborhood in search of elusive glasses of chardonnay.

Now, I know this is a joke and all, but Dena, if you're reading, I think you should certainly think about putting this genius app into development and make Chardonnay Go and real thing. The world would be a much better place.

Pokémon are cool and all, but I'd totally rather lower my stress levels and steer clear of losing my mind by finding freshly-poured glasses of fine wine laying around my neighborhood. Ah, sounds heavenly, doesn't it?

Since this doesn't actually exist (yet, I hope), just play this Pokémon Go drinking game instead.

Check out the video above for a good laugh and a closer look at how Chardonnay Go works.

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