Woman Tries To Get Lips Like Kylie Jenner And It Goes Horribly Wrong


Brittany Foster wanted lips like Kylie Jenner.

What do you do when you want lips like a Kardashian? Simple: you buy a lip-enhancing tool made by a company called CandyLipz, which apparently makes all its money by mutilating people's mouths.

Her friends videotaped Brittany using the device, and when she removes it, her lips have doubled in size.

Everyone in the room proceeds to lose their minds, which is exactly what you're supposed to do when you see that happen to someone you care about.

Four days after using CandyLipz, Brittany says her lips are still blue and bruised:

I look dead.

So, yeah, don't mess with your lips, girls.

Here she is just moments before realizing what a terrible mistake she made

And here she is after regretting everything single decision she made that led up to this point in her life

Watch the destruction unfold for yourself

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