The Hilarious Computer Puns This Woman Sends Her BF Are Going Viral

There is a whole world out there of people who actually know how computers work. And then, there is me, with my MacBook Pro, troubleshooting every problem by turning my laptop off so it can heal.

My desktop looks like a crime scene. Every few months, I just select every picture and drag them all into a folder called "all the stuff." And then the process restarts. I think there is a metaphor for my life somewhere in that.

But, some people have, like, computer parts -- in their houses. And they know what the parts do. And some people talk about these computer parts on the Internet. I do not know any of these people, but they seem a lot smarter than I am.

This woman and her boyfriend are two of those people. Imgur user Fantastic Toast posted a series of computer-themed, pun-heavy Snapchats his girlfriend sent him while he was out.

A GPU is apparently a thing that helps you see? Like glasses, but for computers? Like computer glasses. Got it.

RAM. I've heard that word before. It's good to have RAM. You want RAM.

Fans! I know what fans are! Fans are for keeping computers cool when they are too hot on your lap and you don't have a coffee table book in reach. I get this one!

This relationship seems to have a lot of problems actually. Learning to be loved is as important as learning to love, guys.

Seriously, this relationship is in trouble. See some doctors; they can help.

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