Woman Has The Best Response Ever To Boyfriend Choosing FIFA Over Her

by Connor Toole

Every year, soccer fans around the world wait breathlessly for a marginally improved version of FIFA featuring some innovative feature like "superior ball physics" or "women for the first time ever."

Some of these people take the game more seriously than others, which I know based on the a number of broken controllers (and friendships) I saw while living in dorms in college.

After picking up a copy of the newest installment, one man decided to hop on Twitter to let his girlfriend know his priorities had suddenly shifted.

Bye Danni — Eazy B (@BradleyMeasor) September 24, 2015

His girlfriend made sure to let him know she could manage.

@BradleyMeasor Bye Brad — Danni Bishopp (@dannibishopp) September 24, 2015

He decided to deal with her response using the only available strategy in this situation: self-deprecation.

@TIsikgun @ShaunModeste @dannibishopp atleast that pink thing will be able to last over a minute — Eazy B (@BradleyMeasor) September 24, 2015

At some point, you have to know when you've been beaten.

@ShaunModeste @dannibishopp that dildo cost more than fifa — Eazy B (@BradleyMeasor) September 24, 2015