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For The First Time Ever, You Can Be The US Women's National Team In FIFA


You're going to remember the spring of 2015.

Not because the NHL and NBA playoffs are shaping up to have awesome finales – though that's certainly part of the greater sports picture – but because the Women's World Cup is shaping up to be a watershed moment in sports history.

The tournament, which kicks off in Canada on June 6, will feature 24 teams for the first time in the competition's history.

There is more hype surrounding this US team than any since their last World Cup triumph in 1999.

And there is more media buzz, both traditional and social, surrounding the event than ever before.

Adding to the frenzy is the groundbreaking announcement that legendary EA Sports franchise FIFA will feature women for the first time in the game's history.

Yes, FIFA 16, which will launch on September 22, will feature the best female players in the world.

EA Sports

I sat down with FIFA producer Nick Channon to talk about the most in-depth integration of female athletes in video game history.

Channon said,

The addition of women to the FIFA franchise is something that fans, both male and female alike, have been wanting for quite a while.

EA Sports

And while the announcement of the new feature may be piggybacking off the fanfare of the Women's World Cup, Channon explained adding women to the game is something that's been in the works for several years.

He said,

Some of the things that have taken years to get right include animation, facial scanning and realistic gameplay itself.

Something as simple as the motion of a ponytail is a feature that Channon and his codesigners had never worked on before.

He told Elite Daily,

In total, FIFA 16 will feature 12 women's national teams. And I can tell you firsthand the gameplay is as realistic as possible.

When asked what he's most pleased with in regards to the historic addition to the FIFA franchise, Channon doesn't balk at the impact this will have on soccer lovers everywhere.

He said,