Vegan Man Totally Loses It After Realizing The Pizza He's Eating Has Cheese

Skip to 16:20 in the video above for the good stuff.

This goes from being the most boring video ever made to more exciting than a UFC bout between Abraham Lincoln and Mike Tyson inside a volcano on New Year's Eve.

Basically, this guy posts long videos about the vegan lifestyle and recipes etc..., and in this specific video, he is busy eating a pizza (that his mom got him) when he starts to realize there might be cheese in it.

He calls the pizza place and (drumroll) finds out there is cheese in the sauce.

He throws his phone across the room in sudden, blood-curdling fury.

He tries to act calm, but there is NOTHING better than how angrily he sits back down on his exercise ball right before he starts rage-flossing his teeth.

“That fucks me off, man,” he proclaims, trying not to head-butt everything.

But, it's all topped off by how boring the video becomes again after his explosion of rage. There is clearly a boiling sea of anger hovering just below the surface of this man's cheeseless, enlightened exterior.

His anger issues resurface when he explains the only sacrifice vegans really make is “you lose out on... socially accepted behaviors, such as being a shit cunt eating dead animals' bodies and their secretions.”


The video got over 16,000 thumbs-down votes after it was posted to Reddit.

So, because vegans never give up, the guy posted a response video where he rants about the people who posted the video and didn't like it, further displaying his rage issues.

Here's that second video.

This video has over 19,000 thumbs-down. I guess this guy forgot rule number one of the internet: Never argue with Reddit.