This Is What People Are Really Saying By The Way They Laugh Online (Photos)

Everyone has a different online laughing style. Some people go way overboard, some people give you nothing at all, but all of them are, honestly, deeply, deeply weird.

After all, laughing in real life is already completely bonkers. Seriously, what even is laughing? We think something is funny, so we instinctually make a high-pitched, panting-coughing-machine gun-hiccup sound?

How can this just be a thing we accept as normal?

Considering how odd laughing out loud is, I guess it's not really too strange that translating it into typed words is also f*cking weird.

And to add to all the confusion with trying to translate the sound of laughter to text, the ways we type out laughter have now developed SO many hidden meanings.

But worry not, dear reader, because I'm here for you. Just pour yourself a glass of milk and recline. I'll help you understand exactly what all the ways people laugh on the Internet actually mean.

If you are using this, you need to step up your friend game. Your parents don't count as friends.

This is basically the knee slap of laughter-writing.

Society is a prison, and you are on death row.

Whenever I see this one, I picture someone's head exploding.

People say "lol" is on the way out, but I refuse to believe them. This terrible acronym is here to stay.

This one can also be put at the end of a sentence to mean, "I already laughed at my own joke, so you don't have to."

But punctuation is key.

These letters have absolutely no meaning anymore.

This one is the standard. It can be extended anywhere from a six-letter "hahah" to infinity and beyond.

The first letter changes everything.

This is when someone breaks your brain with the funny.

Reserve this one for mortal enemies only.

And then, of course, there is this abomination. Laugh responsibly, guys.