Guy Uses Over 4,000 Rolls Of Toilet Paper To TP Howie Mandel's House

I never really had the courage to TP anything but my butthole (and even that frightens me sometimes), but if I had to TP anybody's house, I'd be hard-pressed to find a better target than Howie Mandel, the soul-patch-sporting host of "Deal or No Deal."

Roman Atwood, the TP-ing culprit, arrived at Mandel's mansion while the comedian was on a flight home. Then Atwood, with the help of Mandel's wife and son, proceeded to totally mummify the house.

This makes Atwood the only guy ever to spend more money on toilet paper than Shaq (we all know his bowel movements are heavier than the combined weight of the Olsen twins).

It also makes Mandel the only person to yell, "How did they even get into a gated community?," after discovering his house was covered in toilet paper.