5 Possible Theories For Why Kanye West Has Completely Lost His Mind

by Kate Ryan
Getty Images

As everyone is very aware by now, Kanye West has totally, completely, 100 percent lost his effing mind on Twitter.

Here's a small sampling of the madness:

He's tweeted about being in massive debt, and the whole back and forth about "The Life of Pablo" threatened to make us all insane.  But don't worry; if you're looking for answers, I've got them. Keep scrolling for some no-joke, serious theories as to why Kanye has been losing his mind.

He's from another planet.

As one of his most recent tweets would suggest, Kanye traveled from a distant, alien planet on "ultra light beams" and survives on positive energy.

I mean, he won't quit it with the positive energy thing...


It's highly likely he comes from the same planet as Tila Tequila, who also went on an insane Twitter rant as of late.

But here's a thought: They're not the crazy ones, we are.

Imagine landing on another planet and joining their version of Twitter. I'm sure it'd seem pretty strange to you too.

Is it tough learning a new language and assimilating to another planet's culture?

For sure. Is it hard waltzing around in human skin all the time? Probably. Let's have some empathy is all I'm saying.

Kanye's crazy clone is on the loose.

If it happened in "The Santa Clause 3," it can happen in real life.

He has a bad case of "New Dad Brain."

Remember what pulling an all-nighter before finals felt like? Imagine feeling that every day and dealing with a crying, screaming, newborn baby.

It's been scientifically proven that having a baby leaves parents massively sleep-deprived. Of course, moms experience physical changes after giving birth, but according to SheKnows, dads experience something similar.

Before the baby even arrives, baby daddies experience a rise in hormones linked to milk production and a decrease in testosterone.

Once the baby is born, new dads change on a cellular level. Just like new moms, dads get "a healthy boost of prolactin and cortisol," which messes with their bodies and minds.

Sleep deprivation combined with altered brain chemistry could most definitely result in some weird-ass tweets.

Just imagine Kanye sitting in a rocking chair, cradling Saint for hours with one arm and tweeting on his phone with the other. It's not just possible, it's highly plausible.

His Twitter feed is an elaborate vision board.

Following in Oprah's footsteps, Kanye could be posting all the stuff he wants to accomplish on Twitter in the hopes he actually will. Dr. Rachel Kitson, a certified psychologist, writes,

A self-fulfilling prophecy is a person's belief or prediction of a certain outcome that becomes true by the very terms of the prophecy itself.

'Ye's posts about not liking butt stuff are simply his way of hoping, one day, he won't be crazy about butts. It's all starting to make sense!

Kanye is actually God.

God works in mysterious ways, right? There's always the chance He could be trying to teach us some long, confusing lesson about... something.

The most solid piece of evidence for this theory: He and 'Ye sound very similar.

I rest my case.