'The Simpsons' Predicted Donald Trump Would Be President Back In 2000

With Donald Trump getting closer and closer to becoming the RNC's nominee for president, a lot of people have been bringing up Mike Judge's 2006 film, "Idiocracy," which shows America 500 years from now as a country overrun by imbeciles with a president who is a pro wrestler and porn star.

People have been saying it predicted a Donald Trump presidency, where we elect someone just because he is loud and famous and talks about the size of his penis on national television.

But in 2000, "The Simpsons" literally predicted a future in which Donald Trump would become president and then bankrupt the country.

In an episode titled "Bart To The Future," Lisa has just become president after President Trump f*cked everything up, and she has to try to fix everything.

The writers of the show chose the most ridiculous and silly person they could think of holding the highest office of our country, as a joke -- and now we are on the precipice of living in that dystopia.

One of the writers responsible for the episode, Dan Greaney, told The Hollywood Reporter:

It was a warning to America. And that just seemed like the logical last stop before hitting the bottom. It was pitched because it was consistent with America going insane.

The numbers are officially in: Life imitates art.

Skip to 2:20 for the line about Trump.