That Terrifying Sorority Video Wasn't Even That Bad: These 10 Are Worse

by Talia Koren

I went to a school that didn't even have sororities.

So you can imagine how horrified I was when I watched the rush video from this University of Texas sorority that scared the hell out of Twitter.

If you need a reminder, here's a screenshot because I can't make myself watch it a second time. Once was really enough.

Unfortunately, this was one of those situations where after seeing one, I got curious and fell down a frightening rabbit hole of sorority rush videos floating all over the internet.

Here are the 10 worst ones I came across.

Just to warn you, you're about to see a lot of identical looking girls, eerily smiling, cheering, holding hands and dancing. Oh and lots of face paint.

But who knows, maybe you're into that kind of madness.

First off, all ten of these videos vaguely resemble music videos...

Because literally every single one of them is set to Top 40 music. You could just play them all in a row and have a hit singles playlist.

Here's another one where doors open to reveal dozens of cheering girls that look all the same.

Are we supposed to believe that these girls are just naturally this smiley?

This one gives you a tour of their house, full of waving, smiling sorority sisters. Do they all live there?!

This one made my eyes twitch a little bit.

I never realized how much hand holding happens in sororities.

This one has a bunch of chicks partying in a fountain because, why not.

I wonder how long it took these sorority sisters to nail down this elaborate choreography.

I would have rushed for this one because they get to ride in a goddamn helicopter. This video must have cost more than their college tuition.

You're welcome. I hope you enjoy having all of those Top 40 songs stuck in your head.