This Sorority's Recruitment Video Is Terrifying Everyone On The Internet


Did you ever want to know what it would be like to look into a leviathan's mouth, to stare into the seething jaw of lucifer, to stare into the void and have the void stare back?

Well, your search is over.

A University of Texas sorority made a recruitment video, intending, I'm sure, to just make a "cute" and "fun" and "zany" video. Unfortunately, they ended up making a terrifying haunted house video.

It's kind of a bummer for Alpha Delta Pi, who probably worked pretty hard on coordinating this video, but all I see when that door opens is 50 snakes, hissing.

I don't want to give too much away, just watch:

That shit rattles my bones. And I am not alone.

To make matters worse, people on Twitter think everyone in the video looks pretty much identical.

In other words, um, white.

It would not be the first time a sorority has come under scrutiny for their lack of diversity.

Sororities put a lot of effort and, often, money into these recruitment videos, which will once in a while go viral for their weirdness and/or whiteness.

This one, for example, which plays like a recruitment video for an all-white summer cult.

Yeah, as far as I can tell, attending that sorority makes you white.

Also, this video may actually be where the girls of Alpha Delta Pi got their inspiration for their own video. Considering at one point, this familiar moment happens: