Marija Mandic

Teen With No Chill Sues Parents For Putting Awkward Childhood Pics On Facebook

Your parents are on Facebook now. It's happened. It's not even weird anymore. And it will only continue to become more normalized.

There was a time when people could do whatever they wanted on social media and be confident their parents would never see it. Those days are over. And imagine in a decade or two, when Millennials are watching their kids say all the dumb shit we said when we were teens.

Get ready.

One Austrian girl is having a very hard time with this adjustment. Specifically, she protests them posting childhood photographs of her on the social media site.

In fact, she protests it so much, she is literally suing her parents to make them stop.

You did not misread that.

An unnamed 18-year-old claims more than 500 pictures of her childhood have been put on the site since 2009.

She felt this warranted legal intervention.

Her lawyer, Michael Rami, believes her chances of winning the lawsuit are good.

She says her parents “knew no shame and no limit.”

If their daughter wins, the parents may have to pay her compensation, as well as her legal costs.

An important thing to keep in mind here though is these parents were so adamant about not deleting these pictures, they still didn't back down after their own daughter sued them. I think I can tell where she got her stubbornness.

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