Teachers Being Paid Like Star Athletes Would Actually Be Pretty Genius (Video)

Our nation's feverish obsession with people who are paid to throw and catch balls is rivaled only by our total indifference for the people who literally mold and cultivate the minds of our children.

To highlight this cute idiosyncrasy of ours, sketch comedy maestros Key & Peele decided to show what "SportsCenter" would look like if it treated teachers with the same fervor it swaddles guys-tackling-each-other-real-good with.

"TeachingCenter," as they dub the show, dissects the backroom trades and astronomical salaries of highly motivational teachers and even checks out the exciting, high-stakes highlight reel from our nation's classrooms.

The best part of the video, in my opinion, is how well it captures the behavior of sports show hosts, which we've just come to accept as normal. But when it's applied to anything other than sports, it's clearly psychotic.