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How To Successfully Adult Over The Weekend

The weekend is a wild vortex you step into after the workweek. You have all these plans, but Friday and Saturday speed by, and all of a sudden it's Sunday at 10 pm and you're wondering where the time went.

To “adult” means to successfully be an adult. And though that might sound intimidating, it's not.

People have the misconception that maturity and adulting go hand-in-hand. But adulting really just means completing the sorts of tasks that are required of adults. It doesn't mean you have to be straight-laced or uptight all the time.

Each year we become more and more responsible. It's a fact of life. At first you're just dressing yourself. Then you're doing your own laundry, paying credit card bills and scheduling time to go to the store to buy toilet paper. Before you know it you're guiding your own kids on the path toward adulthood.

But adulting doesn't mean completely leaving behind everything from your childhood. It's not as if you wake up one day and suddenly you're an entirely different person. You can still eat that frosting, but instead of demolishing the entire container with a spoon, you'll have one serving and call it a day. You're learning how to balance fun with responsibilities.

Balance falls into play with almost everything you do, whether it's balancing your social life and chores or your health and bacon nacho cheese fries.

Here's a life rule to live by: The best part about being an adult on the weekend is you make your own schedule. The world is your oyster.

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