Stranger Leaves Helpful Note On Car About Savage Drunk Guy Peeing On The Door

Drunk people face two primary difficulties.

Difficulty number one: They are drunk and do and say extremely bad and/or dumb things extremely often (you may be familiar with this).

Difficulty number two: They have consumed tremendous amounts of liquid in order to become drunk and will need to urinate frequently and at a moment's notice. When both difficulties are combined, the effect is greater than the sum of its parts, and drunk maniacs will begin peeing on anything.

Such was the case for one Imgur user, who witnessed a drunk person suffering from both drunk difficulties and, as a result, decided to go ahead and pee on the door handle of a parked car.

The Imgur user attempted to stop this drunk person, but drunk folks, apart from their "difficulties," also possess a positive skill set -- namely, they are very brave.

So, the drunk, peeing man decided to intimidate our Imgur user vigilante by chasing our hero with his penis out.

Our Imgur savior returned to the scene of the crime to post a note on the car of the victim, warning the car owner of the events. It was all he or she could do under the circumstances.

Imagine what it'd be like walking over to your car to go to work and seeing this note on it. I'd feel extremely mad but also sort of touched.

Also, it kills me that in order to stop a drunk person peeing, the person who wrote this note decided to yell, "Stranger Danger!"

Frowny face, indeed. Frowny face, indeed.