Some People Remade Apple Ads And They're Hilariously Realistic

You've probably seen those billboard ads Apple has been putting up all over the place featuring pictures supposedly shot on an iPhone 6, even though they look like they were shot by James Cameron's film crew.

Well, a couple of enlightened artists in San Francisco decided to covertly spoof the campaign by putting up posters of their own -- posters that display the sort of iPhone pictures we're all way more familiar with.

You know, ones with titles like, "picture of my smelly feet" and, "this is my face from a high angle so you can't tell that I'm actually an anthropomorphized cactus."

I took the liberty of giving these masterpieces honest titles. Check them out:

Let Me Take A Picture of Myself In This Mirror Alone In My House

I look sexier than Cleopatra in this pic... sexier than what her body looks like right now, I mean.

This Is The Face I Make When I Want To Terrify Orphans

I'll see your sunflowers and raise you a self-induced double chin.

It Takes Me Forever To Get Ready In The Morning

We all look best when the only hair on our bodies is on our heads and inside our noses.

I'm Not Gonna Lie, My Body Is Hot As Hell And This Bandana Is Gonna Make All The Girls Blow Up My Motorola

Wake up, people. We have to emancipate our sexy torsos from the tyranny of clothes.

I Bought This Outfit At A Halloween Store; The Costume's Official Name Is 'Sexy And In Jail'

Go ahead and stand on your mountain staring off into the beautiful abyss, I'll be over here destroying this fifth of vodka and taking selfies of myself looking smoking hot at 3 am on a Tuesday.

Is This Outfit Flattering? Or Should I Cover My Crotch With Something A Little Smaller?

What's the big deal? You should be thanking me. That seagull isn't wearing any clothes at all, idiots.