Wash Your Box

You Can Now Send Someone You Hate An Actual Vaginal Cleansing Kit

What ever happened to anonymously sending people something they actually wanted?

You know, like flowers or a VHS copy of "Speed."

These days, companies are making good money providing people the opportunity to anonymously send others a bag of edible dicks or sh*t in a box (among other things).

Well, in that hateful vein, the Internet one-upped itself. Poop in a box is gross, but it's funny. And an edible bag of dicks is at least sustenance.

A vaginal cleansing kit, though... Well, I could see receiving that being a huge bummer to a girl who's already insecure about the odor of her crotch.

OK, I don't know very much about vagina cleaning (I'm not a vagina janitor), but this just looks like soap and a luffa you can ship to someone's door for the low price of $14.99, all thanks to WashYourBox.com.

You could argue sending someone these cleaning supplies could be viewed as a nice gesture, but that would only be true if the package didn't come with a note that says,

You smell bad and you should feel bad.

If you're shopping for people you don't hate, you should probably skip this and send them a Sephora gift card instead.

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