You Can Now Ship Your Enemies An Edible Bag Of D*cks

Sending your enemies gifts has been a thing pretty much since the dawn of time.

From the Trojan Horse to the much more recent "Ship Your Enemies Glitter," giving has always been better than receiving.

Now, the best thing you can possibly send an enemy has to be an edible bag of dicks. While it may not be as sinister as shipping somebody freshly-scooped animal poop, it's certainly a great way to send a message.

It can, however, be a message that gets mixed up, as the "dicks" from Dicks By Mail are actually gummy candies, so the recipient may enjoy eating said bag of dicks.

A 5-oz. bag of dicks from Dicks By Mail will run you $15 plus shipping, but you won't have to worry about backlash, as it can be sent anonymously.

Time to load up that PayPal account and ship some dicks to those you hate!

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