Men Hanging From Buildings With Guns Pointed At Them Is A Thing (Photos)


Americans invented "planking," which I admit is pretty weird, but Russians have a tendency to one-up the rest of the world in amazing ways.

That's why they have "Men in Red Shorts Hanging Off Buildings With Guns Pointed At Them," which makes planking seem about as weird as a white senator from a southern state.

I hear you asking, "What is this long-winded meme you're talking about?," but I assure you it's fairly self-explanatory: People in Russia are putting on red underwear and hanging out of windows while a woman looks on and a guy points a gun at them.

I do have a couple questions:

1) Do Russian people just have giant guns lying around the house?

2) Do all Russian men own red underwear, or did these guys buy some specifically for this purpose? If so, take a moment to think about these guys walking home, in silence, with the underwear in a shopping bag.

While pondering that, browse the photos below.

This is a classic "guy gets caught sleeping with a man's wife, so he goes out the window in his red underwear and gets a gun pointed at him" scenario.

It's a traditional Russian pastime.

Like this guy wasn't already in a vulnerable position... I pray there is no bat presence in the area (they like caves).

The only way I could understand less about what I'm looking at is if I were that guy from "Memento," and I was watching "Inception."

Russia, I love you.

I love you so much.

Never change.