This Guy Is Convinced He Has To Train Ronda Rousey And Make Her 'Famous'

Donnie Baker, who offers Ronda Rousey his Mixed Martial Arts tutoring in this video, is the alter ego of comedian Ron Sexton, a regular on the radio program "The Bob & Tom Show."

But, he's off the radio now and has a half dozen black belts in karate to show for it. In fact, he has seen several weaknesses in Ronda Rousey's (aka the most badass fighter on the planet right now) fighting style.

Mr. Baker, or maybe I should say Sensei Baker, thinks her knockouts should take way less time than 34 seconds, and he wants to help her improve.

He wants to coach her for purely professional platonic reasons, although he does admit that when Ms. Rousey was in Sports Illustrated, he got a "full body boner for two weeks."

We are waiting to hear if Ms. Rousey will take Donnie up on his offer or not.