This Person Texted The Wrong Number But Actually Got The Perfect Advice

Usually when I'm tasked with writing about a person texting the wrong number, the story always ends with the person trolling the living sh*t out of the person who made the mistake.

That's not what happened this time. Instead, this person got some A+ non-gendered decorating advice.

Faith in humanity restored.

First of all, "D" needs to mind his or her goddamn business and stop being such a heteronormative dork.

I just love how quick this person is to trust a complete stranger with advice.

With one mistakenly sent text, two people came together to discuss whether or not to paint a little girl's room "that periwinkle sh*t."

I'm pretty sure "Bedrooms Are Supposed To Be Chill" is the name of one of Martha Stewart's books.

Honestly, this stranger is pretty amazing at giving home decorating advice.

You guys might not like this joke, but I will say it anyway because I'm a free spirit: My favorite Nicolas Cage movie has to be "The-Kind-Of-Furniture-That-Looks-All-Woven-Together Man."

Wait, I'm beginning to think this person actually did just text Martha Stewart. This advice is next level.

Not sure if you know this, but motherf*ckers often collect a lot of dust.

And so ended the most polite wrong number in all of human history.

And yeah, f*ck D. D just doesn't get it.