WTF? A Lot Of People Apparently Eat Their Cereal With Ice Cubes


People are insane.

We've seen enough evidence to fill the Grand Canyon or Julia Roberts' mouth. We get it.

Please, God, stop sending us reminders. Honestly, it's getting old at this point.

You see, Twitter blew up with yet another example of why people are crazy and should not be trusted.

I'm sorry you had to hear about it like this, really I am. But, people are putting ice cubes in their cereal.

Yeah, I know.

It all started when this person asked this question to the nameless masses of the Internet.

Most people retweeted it because it's an example of how stupid and weird people can be when left to their own devices.

But, it turns out lone wolf had an entire ice-loving pack out there.

Tons of people do this...

...because people are crazy.

Let me give you some advice: When you are in a room full of people, you have to be on guard because they are dangerous and unpredictable.

They say they do it because they want their milk to be "cold." Refrigerators do that, you filthy Satanists.

What's next? Milk in your wine? Gasoline in your toothpaste?

Where does it end?

When the sun explodes, guys. When the sun explodes, and everything is quiet once more.

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