11 Optical Illusions That Are Bigger Mindf*cks Than 'The Dress' (Photos)

Yesterday, just hours after the Internet was brought together by a couple of llamas in Arizona, it was swiftly torn apart by one of the most frustratingly idiotic debates I've ever seen on the Internet: the colors of this dress that will haunt my dreams for years to come.

I stared at my phone for a collective hour last night, varying its brightness as I clicked on every related article I could find containing words like "PERFECTLY EXPLAINED" and "SCIENCE" in the title.

Despite my efforts, I was unable to see any colors other than the correct ones. I was defeated. But I was determined to redeem myself.

My solution was finding a bunch of similar optical illusions my apparently simple brain could have an easier time processing.

I've posted a few of them below -- along with the thoughts I had while viewing them -- for anyone else who needs to make themselves feel smarter.

Book Or... Not Book

Nice boob. Book. I meant book.

Duck, Duck, Rabbit

Has science gone too far???

The Ominous Reflection

This would be a great poster for a low-budget horror movie that way too many people would go see around Halloween.

Just Keep Spinning, Just Keep Spinning

She's spinning clockwise... wait, it's counterclockwise. Or is it? I DON'T KNOW WHAT'S REAL ANYMORE.

Two Horses Fighting To The Death

You might be able to see a face in there somewhere, but I think my explanation is a whole lot cooler.

That Saxophonist Is About To Get Shot

You might see a woman, but I see a man playing the saxophone who never saw the sniper in the balcony.

Flowers. Just Flowers.

This is a nice painting of some flowers and a butterfly. That's it. Someone told me this is an illusion, but he might have just been messing with me.

The Not-So-Young Lady

Hey, the woman in that drawing is pretty attractive -- OH MY GOD. BE GONE FOUL BEAST!!!

A Nightmare Spawned From Hell

It's just two women. It's just two women. It's just two women. I might gouge out my eyes.

Sometimes A Lamp Is Just A Lamp

You might recognize this picture from every sidebar ad on sketchy websites.

Two Ethnic Minorities That I Don't Know The Politically Correct Names For

I'm going to go with "Native American" and "Inuit." Apologies in advance if that was the wrong decision.

A Black And Blue Dress

This isn't an illusion. It's simply a picture of a black and blue dress I decided to throw in at the end for no particular reason. I wonder if it comes in other colors? Probably not.