The Internet Is Going Crazy Over This Hilarious Nickelback Parody (Video)

There are few things the Internet likes more than puns and making fun of Nickelback, so naturally, the two were fated to meet one day.

That meeting is a nine-second clip from the video for "Photograph" with one of the most brilliantly idiotic edits to ever hit the Internet.

Why you would hold up a picture in your music video and say, "Look at this photograph?" It's a mystery to me because I'm allergic to watching a Nickelback music video in its entirety.

What I do know, however, is that for some reason, this is mesmerizing. I keep thinking, "What is this graph for?" and, "What can I learn from it?"

I wouldn't be surprised if the answers to all life's mysteries are buried within it.

Inspired by the video, people are making their own changes.

Look at this giraffe.

And now, the obligatory meta-implosion (which actually precedes the video up top).

If you want to watch the original for reference, here it is. I have absolutely no idea why you would want to do that. Please don't.