It Took Years For Anyone To Notice This Map's Hidden NSFW Image

Apparently, cartographers are really horny -- that or God is.

One Imgur user posted this photograph of a map hung in his or her firehouse. The person explained,

This map has hung in my firehouse for years. I just looked at it for the first time.

If you don't see it right away, here is a hint: boobs. Look for the boobs.


This is why we have to do something about climate change! Think about what this hot land lady is going to look like covered in water. How sad would that be!?

A new study showed disastrous climate change problems could arise within decades, not centuries. Now, I know that's all really boring for most people, but think of the HOT LAND LADY! Also, think of the hundreds of thousands of people who will die from storms and floods, and the fact we all will likely have to abandon our coastal cities in the near future if things continue as they are.


Donate here to help make a difference, assh*les.

Side note: Maybe God finally watched "Armageddon" and decided to make that creepy animal cracker scene into a reality with the hot land lady.

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Oh, and by "creepy," I obviously mean romantic and super sad 'cause he's going to go save the Earth. I love this movie unabashedly.

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