Mom Perfectly Lip Syncs Her 4-Year-Old Daughter's Bedtime Tantrum (Video)

They say there is a spiritual connection between mother and daughter, and now we have proof: an apparently telekinetic mom who lip syncs her 4-year-old daughter's tantrum in real time.

It's like watching a Jedi doing karaoke or a composer conducting a symphony -- or another metaphor.

Jennifer Aprea Closson explained,

I think the number of tantrums I’ve survived helped with my ability to predict her outbursts. She definitely gets into a rhythm.

Considering the magnitude of this tantrum (think those screaming goats mixed with how you'd behave if you were kidnapped), and just how familiar this mom was with it, I've concluded motherhood is a harder job than the presidency.

The mom's actual job is running a company that sells cloth diaper rinsers. So I guess she's familiar with the sort of crap little kids get up to.