Girl Reported Missing Has Sassiest Reply To Police's Facebook Post About Her


Because of a perplexing and, as of yet, still cloudy chain of events, one teenage girl was reported missing to the police when she was actually just in her room.

To make strange matters even stranger is the fact that when the police posted on Facebook, announcing that they were searching for one 17-year-old Australian girl named Erian Thompson, the missing girl herself commented on the status, explaining that she was, in fact, um, not missing at all.

Queensland Police

She says,

Guys I'm fine I'm not missing this is an over reaction to a fight i had with my sister I'm legit just sitting in my bedroom.

Now, first of all, it is so funny to refer to “the police” simply as “guys.” But let's move on. I have so many questions and so few answers.

The police commented back that they had to corroborate that she was not missing at all, and, when they did, they suspended their search. It was probably the easiest day at work they had had in a while.

The police have not given us any more insight into the particulars of this extremely weird case, possibly because any more information would make everyone involved seem even dumber.

And yeah, obviously it went viral.

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