Lifestyle — This Video Shows Why Buying Local And Organic Doesn't Apply To Weed

Our planet is our temple. We are priests and priestesses of this sacred land. Its fate rests solely on our shoulders.

Will we rise to the challenge of our stewardship or will we falter, as our fathers have done and their fathers before them?

Thankfully, some among us understand fossil fuels are destroying this planet. Some among us understand the importance of buying and growing locally. Some among us buy our weed from guys who live in our buildings.

In this episode of "Millennials of New York," we meet Sheryl, a young woman unafraid to stay local and, most of all, stay green. She buys all her weed from a guy who lives IN her building, and the weed she smokes is grown in Brooklyn where she lives.

Sheryl, 24, introduces us to this proud, local grower, who goes only by Nico and also sells coke.

Watch and witness their important story.

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