Lifestyle — 'Millennials Of New York' Shows How People Avoid NYC Rent

All of us New Yorkers have those friends who live so far from Manhattan it's basically a different country.

It takes them forever to get to and from work every day. They deal with problems that aren't supposed to be characteristic of New York City, like raccoons and closed delis.

Although any plans are deeply inconvenient to them and their quality of life is clearly much worse, they somehow manage to stay smug about where they live. They cling to one thing: “Yeah, but how much do you pay in rent?”

Yes, their rent is cheaper. There's no way around it. That is the defining benefit of living out in the boonies. But I would never go up to someone eating a Chop't salad with a McChicken in my hand like: “Yeah, but how much did you pay for that?”

There's certainly a tradeoff.

In this episode of "Millennials Of New York," we take a cliche "smug commuter" and extend the situation to the furthest degree.

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Meet Brian. Brian doesn't mind having a long commute if it means saving cash. We follow Brian on his daily commute as he takes a train to another train… to a bus… to a ferry. Whatever, it's better than paying Manhattan prices.

Brian also wants you to know that Manhattan isn't the only place where cool stuff goes down. In fact, in his neighborhood, you can go to Fenway Park to catch a Red Sox game.

He lives in Boston.

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I guess commuting back and forth from the second most expensive city on the East Coast is still somehow more affordable than living in Manhattan.

For this episode, we casted the supremely talented Devin Rossinsky as the role of Brian. Like Brian, Devin had to commute from Los Angeles to New York City to Boston to for this job, so it only seemed fitting.

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