This Is What We'd Celebrate If There Was A Men's History Month

March is Women's History Month. It's a time for all of us to remember and acknowledge accomplishments of women throughout history, as well as the struggles they endured and continue to endure in this country.

But, what if there was a Men's History Month?

Now, apart from the fact basically all the rest of the months, weeks and days (and churches and movies and books) are already primarily devoted to the worship and study of men's history, what if there was a month when we men all actively took some time to remember our rich past?

I know it isn't likely we'll get a Men's History Month anytime soon but just in case, I made us all a calendar so we're ready if it happens. I assigned each day of the month a different thing from men's history for us to remember.

Personally, I think we'd choose to have it in March because we like taking things away from women so much.

Alec MacDonald