Guy Hilariously Attempts To Play Matchmaker For Random College Students (Video)

The myth of the "soulmate" has been mutilating our lives for long enough. Seriously, there is ONE person out there meant for me, and I'm just supposed to run into her at Chipotle or something?

The truth is, there are thousands and thousands of people we could end up with. The problem is, however, we expect to accidentally find one.

That's why Internet dating weirdly works so well. People are searching for someone to date from a much bigger pool than, for example, your 20-person accounting office.

So it's pretty refreshing to watch the guy in this video pair two random people together and insist they start chatting.

In the end, after a tsunami of awkwardness, they actually hit it off. It's pretty amazing.

Love is out there, people. Get some.