A Lawyer Is Finally Helping Victims Of The Gushers Ads From The 90s (Video)

Unless you were one of the weird kids who grew up without a TV and all the high fructose corn syrup-filled snacks we loved in the 90s, Gushers likely played a fairly significant role in your upbringing.

It's no secret the commercials from The Greatest Decade tended to skew toward the weirder side of things, and ads for Gushers -- the treat that could apparently turn your head into a giant fruit -- were no exception.

You might have assumed the commercials used CGI to turn people's heads into produce, but the 90s were a different time. The victims of Fruit Gushers are very, very real, and thankfully, they now have an equally real lawyer to fight for justice.

Hopefully, they can track down the kid who ended up getting a banana for a head. If anyone needs help, it's him.