This 'Typical 90s Commercial' Is All The Nostalgia You Need Today

Commercials in the 1990s took place in an alternate universe filled with irrational amounts of excitement, Sports Illustrated For Kids cover athletes and kids using the orientation of a person's hat to evaluate how cool they were.

There are a few variations on the preceding theme, but the vast majority have a particular aesthetic that should be immediately recognizable to anyone raised on a steady diet of Nickelodeon, SunnyD and breakfast cereals that caused cavities on contact.

This parody for Not Capri Sun and Not Pizza Lunchables does a fantastic job of capturing the feel of the ads that influenced an entire generation, but it also features a couple of things I don't ever remember seeing on the air.

If you've ever wanted to see an episode of "The Secret World Of Alex Mack" mashed up with "Too Many Cooks" (and honestly, I think we all have), today is your lucky day.