The 'Most Courteous Subway Car' In NYC Got Thrown An Epic Pizza Party (Video)

Personally, I don't think any subway car in New York can be described as courteous. Saying the phrase "the most courteous subway in NYC" is like saying "the sexiest sewer in Russia."

I've lived in New York all my life, and the most courteous thing I've ever seen happen on the subway was a guy hand a woman a napkin after wine-puking all over her shoes.

But still, I 100 percent support anything good happening to New Yorkers on the subway, even if it does come in the form of a bunch of improv people giving away free pizza.

The prank collective Improv Everywhere decided to reward a subway car full of unsuspecting people with an impromptu giant pizza party for being the most courteous commuters in New York City.

Watch the video up top.