Guy Creates Awesome Dance Party On NYC Subway With A DJ And Bouncer (Video)

There are a lot of words you can use to describe the typical subway ride in New York City, and "enjoyable" is probably the very last one that comes to mind.

Riders play Russian roulette every single time they step through the sliding doors, and while you might find a car free of feces and roving mariachi bands, you're really only delaying the inevitable.

I (shockingly) identify as one of the jaded commuters called out by AMK Productions at the beginning of this video, but I will admit my icy heart got a few (Kelvin) degrees warmer after watching this.

As much as I'd love to compare these guys to the people who insist on blasting music from their phones, I have to admit my commute would be a lot more enjoyable if the R train looked like this in the morning.

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