Guys Have No Idea What To Do When A Hot Girl's 'Balls' Hang Out (Video)

Apparently, some companies in this world specialize in the realistic recreation of the male genitalia for "comedic purposes."

There are also people in this world who make prank videos involving a pretty girl pretending to drop things, bending over and revealing she has a football-sized pair of testicles hanging out of her dress.

Seriously, Rumpelstiltskin didn't have a ballsack this long (and he was really old).

The victims of this "prank" are a bunch of men she stops to ask for directions, and much of the transphobia in this video is so advanced, the guys end up accidentally stealing the papers they are helping her pick up as they flee.

But, the best part of the video is surely the very end when the main bro-prankster does some promotional stuff while his shirt's top button begs to be emancipated from his half-neck.

Be free, little button. Be free.

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