These Hip-Hop Songs Work Shockingly Well As Broadway Numbers (Video)

I know it's tremendously unoriginal to say this, but I’ve kind of always hated musicals.

That said, an ex-girlfriend of mine loved them more than Jesus, so I’ve seen a completely excessive amount of them.

"The Lion King" was pretty cool because of all the weird costumes. Plus "Spring Awakening" had real boobies in it and a guy masturbating while reading Shakespeare, and that's something we should all try at least once.

But, they mostly make me feel like I'm watching a bunch of people with hearing disabilities shout at each other.

This video, however, is making me rethink my stance. It's like these guys have a weird super power; at a moment's notice they can transform the most aggressive, liquid hot hip-hop into a delectable little morsel of Broadway glamour.

And in doing so, they demonstrate how absurd so much popular hip-hop is, especially when the lyrics don't match the intended mood.