This Is The Real Story Behind Hillary Clinton's Trip To Chipotle (Video)

In a world where a presidential candidate unceremoniously eating lunch becomes a global news piece, political strategists need to consider even the most minute, banal detail in order to win their candidate the presidency.

We finally have an inside look at the brainstorming session that took place in order to prepare Hillary for her now infamous trip to Chipotle, where (and I'm sure you already know this) she apparently got the guac.

GUAC, people. How can we have a president who is so out of touch with the middle-class American breadwinner?

Only international arms dealers and Abercrombie-obsessed Italian tourists order a side of guac at Chiptole.

DIDN'T YOU KNOW THAT HILLARY? She's a rich, money-obsessed elitist snob. Why else do you think she married a man named "Bill"?

Like, as in money.

You get it.