Lifestyle — How To Hide Your Alcohol In Public

Alcohol and public places do not usually go hand in hand.

Maybe you have a summer concert in a park or you want to watch your friend play softball and a nice cold brew would make the experience that much better. There is scientific proof (OK maybe not scientific, but I'm sure I can all agree) that alcohol makes everything a little more enjoyable. Unfortunately, important people -- like the police, per say -- make it hard for us calm civilians to enjoy a boozy beverage in public. But I promise, officer, I'm not trying to wreak havoc on public places, I'm just innocently trying to have a good time… that includes alcohol.

I know what you are all thinking: There has to be some type of solution to this horrific problem. It is finally summertime and we all want to drink outside -- without getting arrested, preferably. That's why we thought of four solid tips on how to get away with indulging in your favorite beverage while out and about in the world. These tips will let you get drunk while being sneaky; it's an instant win-win!

My favorite tip in this video is the tampon flask. This is not just a tip for women, either. (Men, I dare you to put tampons in your backpack or back pocket. You will be deemed the best boyfriend/friend ever.)

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The trick works like this: Take a tampon out of the wrapper and discard it, or maybe save it for later because we all know how expensive tampons are. Then, get an empty tube of some sort from a craft store. We bought empty glitter tubes, and they fit perfectly. Fill up the tube with your favorite type of liquor, put it back in the wrapper, tape it up and you're set!

Check out the video for more easy and cheap tips on how to hide your alcohol in public. Happy drinking!

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