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What Happens When You Give A Man An Unexpected Fruity Drink

My brother rarely drinks. It might have something to do with the two kids he has to take care of, but regardless, he barely touches the sauce. Yet in those moments where he does imbibe (out of stress or freedom from the kiddies), he's not looking for a hoppy, sour beer, or a whiskey that will sting his tongue and burn his throat.

No, he wants something fruity. He wants something sweet. Bottom line: he wants something delicious and refreshing, like a Blueberry Vodka Lemonade. Extra points if it's served in a mason jar.

But, as I'm sure you can guess, he is in a silent minority when it comes to this philosophy. Most men that I know wouldn't be caught dead with a drink that could be described as any color other than amber. They're afraid it would detract from their masculinity, because GASP, how could a REAL man possibly choose something for taste instead of his ego?

Well screw that! Men are people too, and they should drink what tastes good, even if it is pink. They should drink what they want. Masculinity be damned!

But we can't give up hope that they'll let go of these antiquated notions of alcohol. Instead, we need to simply push them in the right direction. How? By not giving them a choice, of course.

In this prank video, you'll see a steady stream of manly men walk into a bar and order the aforementioned amber, masculine spirits. But what happens when they get pretty much the opposite of what they asked for? What happens when they get a copper cup instead of a beer stein? What happens when their glass has pieces of fruit in it?

I think you'll be surprised...Let's find out.

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