Guys Are Told Their GFs Are Cheating, And The Reactions Are Priceless (Video)

In yet another installment of the Internet's obsession with people being mean to each other as a joke, we have a video of a prankster going up to dudes in public and telling them he's f*cking their girlfriends.

He knows the girls' names, what they look like and whatever else he can learn about them by stalking the various dudes' geotagged Instagrams. Needless to say, he almost gets all sorts of beat up.

But, the absolute best part of the video is when, after telling a guy with a ponytail he's porking his girl, Mr. Ponytail starts laughing hysterically and says,

Well congratulations, motherf*cker, you just got yourself an STD!

It's pretty hilarious, but one day this prankster is going to get knocked out before he can explain it's all a joke.