Crazy Guy Uses A Chainsaw To Move Around A Frozen Lake On Ice Skates (Video)

Scandinavians are good at two things: 1) winter sports and 2) making dark, brooding TV shows about white people murdering each other.

This video is about the first thing because Swedish skier Erik Sunnerheim somehow discovered he could use the blades of his chainsaw to propel himself across the surface a frozen lake.

But, the best thing about this video isn't how crazy and dangerous it is to use a chainsaw to fly across a frozen lake (I mean, if he falls, he loses his face). It's how absurdly effective the tool is.

It's the sort of thing Roger Moore's James Bond would have done to escape a pack of communist ski-assassins (those movies had completely unreasonable amounts of skiing).

Anyway, Erik, I hope you keep your face.