Guy Posts Hilarious Snap Story Of His Neighbors Having Super Loud Sex At 4 AM


At some point, everyone finds him or herself sharing a wall with neighbors who think sex can only happen if you are projecting like an actor performing Shakespeare at The Globe (The Globe is a place where people perform Shakespeare -- and also what I call my single testicle).

And listen, you can have sex however you want. You can sing Christmas carols at the top of your lungs if you like. Who cares? But you can't stop me from thinking it's funny.

The couple featured in the video below was caught — I guess "caught" is actually not what happened here, seeing as they are clearly not being shy about the amount of noise they're making — having loud sex, apparently like a foot from their front door, by their neighbor, who did what any responsible neighbor would do and put the whole thing on Snapchat.

To me, it's kind of funnier that there is this dude just standing outside of this apartment recording his neighbors having sex for his Snap Story while he drinks coffee in total silence. To me, he seems pretty lonely. He should politely ask to join them next time. They seem nice.

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