This Guy Hilariously Photoshops Himself Into Those Boring Stock Images

At this point, I'm pretty sure stock photography is made solely for the purpose of being used in Internet memes.

But, it really shouldn't come as a surprise photographs of "Arguing Couples At Dinner" or "Bored Office Workers Slapping Their Foreheads" inspire humor. After all, the people in stock photos look about as human as piles of old clothes with sunglasses on.

And so, here we are again, thrust back into the gauntlet of stock photo memory. But don't worry, jaded Millennial readers, this one is amazing.

A Photoshopping genius decided to insert himself into stock photographs. He calls himself The Stock Photobomber, and he's on a mission to debase and degrade.

Check out his masterpieces below.

Here is a regular stock photograph of one of those cheerful, idyllic snowmen no couple ever actually made without getting suddenly divorced in front of their kids.

And here is The Stock Photobomber's version. I'll call this one "The Man Who Knows What He Wants."

Again, a familiar image. I'd call it "Important Boss Man Striking Boardroom Power Stance."

And then, there is "Police Sketch Artist Helps Catch Escaped Turkey With Help From Eyewitness."

"Just-Married Couple With Dead Eyes Goes To Their Silent Honeymoon"

"Romantic Comedy-Obsessed Ex-Boyfriend Goes The Extra Mile For The Woman He Loves"

"Happy White People Wearing Your Parents' Clothes Discuss 'The Problem With The Poor'"

"That Thing That Probably Happens On All Camping Trips Obviously Happens Again"

"Virile Youths Drink Without Vomiting Or Embarrassing Themselves"

"Good Samaritan Takes Care Of Motherf*cking Business"

"Ageless Woman In Bright House Thinks About Her Pilates Instructor"

"Loving Husband Displays Affection Like A Man"

"Old, Mentally Frail, Probably Racist Woman Accidentally Crashes Her Car Into Arby's"

"Woman's Cool Son Who Lives At Home Makes Her Proud Every Day"

"Woman Does Not Have The Necessary Ingredients To Make Skinny-Person Salad"

"Woman Who Moved To New York From The Midwest Makes The Mistake Of Inviting Neighbors Into Her Home"

"People More Beautiful Than You Kissing Like They Are Smelling Each Other"

"Chill Roommate Wants To Know Wireless Password But Can Wait"

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