Overly Curious Guy Cracks Open 9-Year-Old Easter Egg, Instantly Regrets It

by Robert Anthony

With Easter Sunday just days away, it's only right we find all of our old, painted Easter eggs from previous years and crack them all open.

Actually... You know what? Don't do that. If you do, you'll be in for a world of foul-smelling regret. Alas, not all of us have the ability to tame our curiosity.

What the hell would even be inside of an old Easter egg anyway? Part of me wants to believe a microscopic version of the Easter bunny would be in there with a furnished apartment and a family by now.

Another part of me wants to believe there's a crumpled up $20 bill just chillin' in there. Unfortunately, my imagination expects way too much out of those old childhood treasures.

It turns out there's nothing but a stinky surprise inside of those old Easter eggs. Some genius learned that the hard way when he decided it'd be a good idea to crack open a 9-year-old Easter egg.

It looks a lot prettier on the outside than it is on the inside though...


Don't worry, he sacrificed his nose so we don't have to. YouTuber Reddit McReddit uploaded a hilarious video of the odorous ordeal. The description reads,

My parents had some furniture in storage from mid-2008 until early 2017. Today, we found an egg from our 2008 Easter-egg-hunt hiding behind the couch cushions...

The end result? Let's just say the Easter bunny was likely hoping no one would ever find this thing.

Check out the moment a guy cracked open a 9-year-old Easter egg he found hiding in his parents' old furniture.

Um, yeah, judging by his family's reaction, that probably wasn't a good idea. I guess the only good thing to come out of this tragic discovery is this dude's curiosity is now cured.

Between you and me, though, just Google it next time! Oh, and don't ever judge an egg by its shell.

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