No One Can Get Over This Guy's Lip-Licking During Katy Perry's DNC Performance

So, Katy Perry performed at the DNC yesterday to lots of cheering, clapping and general hullabaloo. But no member of the audience – nay, the world – displayed as much hullabaloo as one older gentleman who was in possession of a working tongue.

His moment in the limelight occurred (as all children henceforth will surely have to memorize on history quizzes) during Katy Perry's performance of "Roar."

Although the man in question appeared only during the MSNBC broadcast, you can watch the performance below – it starts at 5:20 – to experience what he witnessed.

For the sake of efficiency, here is a gif of his elation, exuberance and ecstasy.

I don't think I've ever seen someone enjoy anything more.

OK, I lied: Maybe Bill Clinton seeing balloons a little later matches this joy.

But that's it. No one else.

And don't worry: The public did not let this joyful moment go unnoticed.

Romance is so hard to find, Brian. I hope one day, you will feel your heart flutter with the life force of love, just as this man's does.

Actually, Toucher and Rich, this guy feels like this about all music. You should see him listen to Nirvana. He starts bleeding.

Correct. Correct. Correct.

Sure, Ross: Happiness is "creepy."

Go fuck yourself. Fuck yourself straight to hell.

Ian is SO out of the loop.

(The "gif" is silent.)

Omg this old man had his tongue all out at the DNC during Katy Perry's roar dead — INTERNET BAE ✨ (@Ohhmisslee) July 29, 2016

You witnessed true beauty.

We all did, Jared. We all did.